Men’s: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Women’s: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Veterans: Tuesday
Twilight: Wednesday

Men’s Competition
  • Open only to those members who have paid current years subscription by required date.
  • Rules of play – Royal & Ancient with Local Rules printed on scorecards or on notice boards.
  • Saturday play under direction of the STARTER.
  • Cards to be marked, checked and signed before handing in to scorers.
  • In the event of a tie in any competition, the result shall be decided by the V.G.A. Rule for Countback. Events shall be decided by play-off or countback at the discretion of the Match & Play.
  • Scorecards must be placed in box by 5:30pm, this time may be extended at the discretion of the M&P.
  • The lowest handicapper in a group is deemed the captain and is responsible for the play of all players in that group.
Ladies’ Competition
  • Women’s Heat Policy – 26C and over, self start up to 9am
  • Wednesday starting time: 9:30 am, trophy golf season runs from Opening Day to end of October.
  • Minimum of 6 players for competition (Minor Trophy), 12 players one (1) grade only and over 12 players two (2) grades.
  • Open Ladies Stableford competition Saturdays – 9am start, self-start to 11am, Twilight Monday or Wednesday.
  • Monthly Medal will be a stroke round, 9 player’s minimum.
  • Halkett Family Trophy played in conjunction with medal rounds, 6 best scores to count. Trophy donated by the Halkett family.
  • Club Foursomes Championships – MGC Scratch Shield for best scratch score and MGC Handicap Shield for the best handicap score.
  • Lyn Noble & Carol Boyce Perpetual Trophy – Best 6 Stableford rounds. Trophy donated by David Noble.
  • Shirley Parker Memorial Trophy – Best single net round score during the three rounds of Club Championships for senior golfers who are 55 and over who have played all 3 rounds. This trophy is sponsored by Joanne Parker.
  • Super Seniors Perpetual Trophy played in conjunction with medal rounds, best 4 net scores to count for senior golfers who are 70 years and over. Trophy sponsored by Kathy Borg.
  • Cards to be marked, checked and signed before handing in to scorers.
Presentation of Prizes

Presentation of prizes to each competition winner will take place on the day of each competition, (Excluding Thursday), after the cards are checked. The Match committee are sole arbiters in case of dispute.

Code of Etiquette
  • Players should at all times play without undue delay.
  • Players, while looking for a lost ball, should allow other matches coming up to pass them; they should signal to players following them to pass and having given such signal, they should not continue play until these players have passed out of range.
  • Sand buckets are to be carried by all players.
  • Players should see that any turf cut or displaced by them is at once replaced and covered with sand.
Starting Times

Tuesday 10:00AM

Wednesday 9:30AM

Thursday – Self start

Saturday – Self start Under Starter Direction.  Saturday – Open Ladies 9am self-start to 11am.

Sunday 10:00AM

Players NOT ON tee at starting times will play as DIRECTED by the starter.

Sundays & Thursdays

Sunday & Thursday events are open to both Men and Lady Members & visitors, with the exception of special days, the event will be Stableford.

Club Competition
  • Play will be in groups as determined by the Match & Play Committee.
  • Players not in event must give way to all other players.
  • Local Rules, additional to those on the scorecard will be placed on the Local Rules board by the Match & Play Committee.
  • Tee off times will be determined by the Match & Play Committee.
Club Championships

In the final round, the leading 6 – 9 players (Scratch) of each grade will be seeded, these players MUST play as directed by the M&P Committee.

Score Cards

The player is responsible for handing in their card immediately after their round. The card should be correctly marked and signed with the correct handicap. Failure to return cards after every competition will be reported to the handicapper.

Dress Code

Members must observe proper dress code on the course at all times. Playing in singlets or without shirts is not permitted; shirts must have sleeves and a collar. Short sports socks may be worn but they must be predominantly white. You must play without delay or stand aside. Members must observe proper dress code and orderly conduct within the clubhouse according to the rules as directed by the Committee of Management.


The club will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to property of any Member in or about the premises. No canvassing for donations, raffles etc. is allowed in or about the Club premises unless permission is obtained from the Committee of Management.


All complaints shall be made in writing to the Captain or the Club President who, if unable to satisfy them, shall submit them to the Committee of Management. No employee of the club shall be directly reprimanded by an individual member.


Guests of members are required to pay normal competition fees plus a $5.00 nominal green fee. If members invite a guest to play a non-competition round, the guest is only required to pay half the normal green fee. (3 guests per member).


The golf programme may be altered if deemed necessary by the Match & Play Committees.